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Colour Consultant – Colour Trends Forecaster  

- Intuitive - Motivational Trainer - Author


"Creativity is fundamental to innovation, innovation

depends upon creative colour thinking."


With an esteemed colour career spanning more than

thirty years, June’s dynamic and innovative work with

colour is legendary.  An original thinker and a leading

colour authority, with an international client base that

reflects her substantial knowledge and continuing



The use of colour in global business has changed,

June not only keeps pace with that change, she drives it.



• Colour Endorsement – holds the first colour endorsement in the UK


• Innovator - drives new colour thinking, she can rightly claim many firsts in the

 colour world.


• Motivational Trainer– the inventor and developer of inspirational interactive

 practicals used worldwide.


• Original thinker - continues to push the boundaries of colour.


• Pioneering Methods -  many firsts in colour research.


• Proven – colour has positive transformational impact.


• First in the colour world to work and teach exclusively with circles of colour.



With a deep love of the earth and the natural world, much of her inspiration for her

work comes from the natural beauty surrounding us all.


Her specialist expertise is secured by a truly diverse range of corporations, a small

selection of former clients include;


Royal Parks Foundation, London Half Marathon, Angels at Play, Magnet, Hong

Kong Jockey Club, Maybelline, L’Oreal, Akzo Nobel, Lanes Health, Fashion,

Textiles, Packaging, Branding, Colour Organisations, Tourist Boards, Hoteliers, Spas, Perfumeries, Cosmetic Houses, Hair Colouring Brands, Retailers, Manufacturers.


Colour is powerful, it can alter a space, enhance a particular mood and excite the senses. Purchasing choices are made within seconds, driven by colour alone.

The correct colour palette will support self development and well being in the individual, create a sanctuary and harmony in the home and drive sales, expansion, productivity and success in business. Colour is the visionary key to success in all areas of life,


Transform your life and business with colour.


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"Creativity is fundamental to innovation, innovation depends upon creative colour thinking." - June McLeod



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Following much study and research June concludes, do not use coloured plastic theatre lighting sheets to solarize water for health and healing. Use coloured glass only... find out more.

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